Tell me why why why 너만 원하고 있잖아.

No Bye bye bye 그런 슬픈 말은 하지마.


L is for the way you look at me
nicole. ニコル. 니콜. nikki. nick. nicknick. nicky-chan. nico. nico nico. nick knack. knack. knack-chan. 19 and weird. filipino. college student. fan of both jpop and kpop. fangirl. flaily. spazzy. smiley abuser. talks too much online. has her own sangtae that is far worse than onew's. reads things she is not supposed to. gives until it hurts. obsesses over one thing then after a week or two, finds another thing to obsess over. bored, obviously. loser. life first revolved around the famous harry potter series. soon turned into the anime world, cause of it all being her dear partner in crime. then the ghei world of je attracted her. and now, kpop groups have abducted her and taken her away from japan. so here she is now, fangirling 5 groups in japan and a still continuously growing number in korea.

O is for the only one I see
GROUPS ♥ arashi. news. kat-tun. hey! say! jump. kanjani 8. dong bang shin ki. super junior. shinee. so nyeo shi dae. 2am. big bang. kara. 2pm. ss501. u-kiss. a'st1. brown eyed girls. f(x). mblaq. dae guk nam ah. c.n.blue. infinite.
MY SPOUSES BIASES ♥ ohno satoshi (arashi). kamenashi kazuya (kat-tun). nakajima yuto (hsj). shim changmin (dbsk). cho kyuhyun (suju). lee taemin (shinee). choi sooyoung (snsd). im seulong (2am). lee "seungri" seunghyun (big bang). jung nicole (kara). kim junsu (2pm). kim hyungjoon (ss501). kim kibum (u-kiss). lim hanbyul (a'st1). son gain (brown eyed girls). amber liu (f(x)). park cheondung (mblaq). lee "mika" suhoon (d-na). lee jonghyun (c.n.blue). lee sungyul (infinite).

V is very very extraordinary
I am the ♫ Choi Minho ♫ of Livejournal.

I am the Carlisle Cullen of Livejournal.
Kelley is the Lee Taemin to my Choi Minho, the Kim Ryeowook to my Cho Kyuhyun, the Lim Hanbyul to my Byun Jangmoon. ♥
Nicole + Kelley = ♥ 072409 ♥

E is even more than anyone that you adore
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